Desktop and Phone

Something different this time folks, a comparison piece. I’d like to talk about the differences when something is read off an actual computer and when it’s read off a Smartphone. The article I’ll be using is the Rolling Stones article “How We Lost Iraq” which’s an excerpt from the book “We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People” by Peter Van Buren. It’s a fascinating story about Foreign Service Officer Peter Van Buren’s’ time in Iraq and the tragic farce of a reconstruction effort that he was part off. It’s a tremendous story and I’d encourage anyone whose interest to read it.

Here’s the link

The primary difference in reading something on a phone and on a computer is the size. Obviously, the phone is much smaller, but I’ve never had trouble reading off of it. If necessary you can just turn the phone from horizontal to vertical and make the text bigger. More distracting than the text size were the advertisements. On a full sized computer, the articles text is in the middle while the sides are taken up by ads. My phone doesn’t have this problem so for me it’s easier to use. While it may seem strange to some, I’ve always found reading off a Smartphone to be easier and even preferable to reading off a computer.


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