Live Blog 2

The trip is going terribly (something tells me that it’s going to get worse)

In this world, profanity is illegal (I wouldn’t last a day)

Lacey is getting double damage from down votes; this is the begging of the end

Now Lacy is hitchhiking

She picked up by a truck driver lady who’s low rated but says she used to be super high

The Truck Driver lady’s husband died from cancer so she just started saying whatever she wanted, now she a total pariah.

Lacey gets a ride with some Sci-fi Geeks (this is going to be awkwardness central)

Lacy’s friend tells her not to come because she too low ranked

She pisses off the sci-fi geeks and goes cross country to get to the wedding

When she gets there she looks like death warmed over

Her speech is crazy and brutal but I hoped for even more viciousness

It kind of sounds like Lacey was in love with her friend

Lacey gets arrested and gets into an insult match with the dude in the cell across from her.

She kind of looks like she’s happy

Very creepy episode but also very predictable


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