Live Blog 3

Live Blog Black mirror Season 3

Episode: Play test

The Episode begins with a guy leaving a house with a backpack and refusing a call from his mother

He’s on a plane with bad turbulence, but he’s completely unafraid and reassures a little girl

Travel montages, saving time since Indiana Jones

Guys got a pretty good beard, now he’s trying to hook up with some bar chick he met online.

And he hit’s it out of the park, and he get’s breakfast out of it too (just toast)

Dude still won’t talk to his mom, Started when his dad died of Alzheimer’s

Guy’s name is Cooper and Cooper is out of cash, I think his identities been stolen

Still, doesn’t call his mom (been there dude)

Cooper signs up to do game testing, thrill seekers wanted, the add says (Red flag dude)

I wish a sinister British dude met him at the entrance.

This guy Jokes are starting to wear thin

He sneaks a photo of the equipment and sends it to hook up girl (Sonja)

Mom plays just before he starts the virtual reality trip

Cooper Plays 3-D whack a mole Looks Fun

Cooper talks to Saito the game company president

Now he’s undergoing the full experience


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