Live Blog 4

Cooper gets locked in an old mansion and decides to sit in front of the fire place and read Poe, Jesus dude you’re a gamer go explore the house

Cooper falls for a jump scare and discusses jump scares the next time it looks like it happens. It was kinda dumb but I was thinking the same things he said

Sonja arrives at the door and says that she did research on the photo he sent her and that the device was refused a patent because it was too dangerous.

Also, five people have disappeared and they all signed up for the same Job as Cooper

Cooper doesn’t believe her, but she starts menacing him with a carving knife saying she hacked his bank account and led him here.

She stabs him in the back and they wrestle on the floor

Coopers taking this stab wound like a champ

Yeah he’s screaming but not enough

The skin rips off Sonja’s face as the knife is driven through Coopers back until it’s sticking out his front.

Her grabs her head and rams it into the blade (HARDCORE)

Way more screaming and crying (that’s more like it)

Sonja’s the and the wound disappears

Cooper freaks out and tries to escape the game

Bioshock Reference

Cooper can’t remember anything the game is overriding his memories

Welcome to the brain fry

Cooper wakes up turns out it was all in the game (I smell a twist ending coming)

Double twist ending Yes!

While the body of this episode wasn’t as strong as the last one the ending was way better


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